Quero Toolbar IE add-on
Have you always wanted to be able to start your Web browser or your favorite program at a fixed position and with a fixed size on your screen? Yes, then I have developed a new utility for you that you will probably love – Quero Launcher.
Version 2.2.2
  • Slightly improved pop-up blocker
  • Fixed: certain mailto links were misclassified as illegal URLs
Quero celebrates its first birthday: one year ago today, version 1.00 was launched.
Version 2.2.1
  • Shows the favicons optionally in the taskbar
  • Fixed: navigation to file URLs on Windows 2000 and below was blocked
  • Support for shortcut icons (favicons)
    As a side effect Quero helps IE to not "forget" frequently viewed favicons any more.
  • RFC-compliant implementation of Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) standards
  • Improved IDN highlighting
    Quero now displays the names of the scripts occuring in the host name.
  • New security enhancments (lock icon in search box, core domain highlighting, missing glyphs and illegal URL detection, digit indicator if host name contains digits)
  • Search selected country option
    Enables you to serach only for Web sites in your country by default.
  • New search profile for France
  • Replaced TV Movie search with DVD Palace search in German search profiles
  • More user-configurable options
  • Fixed: rarely crash when closing IE, access to gmail when Flash filter was on, difficulties entering a slash character on some Web sites
Started a page presenting tips for Internet Explorer. And you might have already noticed the new Quero tip above. Both will get updated every once a while. You can now support this project by making a donation.
New version includes:
  • Phishing protection against the IDN Homograph Attack
  • Zoom page (also usable for scaling Web pages for printing)
  • Options dialog
  • New search profiles for United Kingdom and Bulgaria
  • Fixed: "Find As You Type" when selected text is on a hidden layer, more consistent double-click behavior, support for IE keyboard shortcuts, the Flash filter removes even more Flash

Do you like Quero but miss a search profile for your country? Contribute by building new search profiles and by translating Quero into your own language. We are also looking for sponsors.

Version 2.02
Version 2.02 now displays a message in the status bar whenever content is removed by Quero Ad Blocker. Quero's keyboard handler has prevented input of diacritic characters that were composed by two keystrokes. Also difficulties entering a slash in vBulletin's enhanced editor were reported. Both problems were resolved.
Version 2.01
A problem in version 2.00 was reported accessing htaccess-secured Web pages when Quero Ad Blocker was turned on. This problem has been fixed now.