Quero Toolbar IE add-on

Quero Launcher

Quero Launcher is a command-line utility and allows you to start IE and your favorite programs at a fixed position on your desktop resulting in a more organized and less cluttered desktop.

Organize your desktop
Change the position, size and style of IE and other applications you frequently use to your preferences.
Launch your favorites at once
Open two or more Web sites / applications with a single shortcut on your desktop.
Cross-browser test your Web site
Test your Web site in multiple browsers in different window sizes with only one click.
User Agent Switcher
Change the user agent string of IE to simulate another browser.
Clear your tracks
Automatically delete the browser's cache and other personal data with Quero Launcher.

How To Create Shortcuts

To use Quero Launcher you have to create a shortcut on your desktop.

  1. Right-click on a free area on your desktop
  2. Select New > Shortcut
  3. Browse to the location where you have extracted Quero Launcher
  4. Select QLaunch.exe and press OK
  5. Append the desired options as outlined below to "QLaunch.exe"
  6. Click on Next and give the new shortcut a name

Note: Command line options have to be specified outside of the quotation marks of the file name.
Example: "C:\Quero Launcher\QLaunch.exe" open="http://www.quero.at/"

Tip: To change the options or the icon of the shortcut later on right-click on the shortcut and go to Properties.

Tip: You can also add your Quero Launcher shortcuts to your Send To or Startup folder.



QLaunch [General_Options] [Options_Window1] [Options_Window2] ...


[property=value | property],...
comma-separated list of properties


deletehistory | deletecache | deletecookies | deletepasswords | deletefavorites | deleteall |
ua-prefix=string | ua-compatible=string | ua-version=string | ua-platform=string | ua-reset


open[=URL] | start=command_line_with_fully_qualified_path |
left=value | top=value | width=value | height=value |
focus | maximized | minimized | alwaysontop | notitlebar | resizeable=yes/no

IE-specific Window Properties

location=yes/no | menubar=yes/no | silent=yes/no | status=yes/no | toolbar=yes/no |
qtoolbar=yes/no | explorerbar=Search/Favorites/History/Channels/Folders/none | kiosk | theater

IE7 Customization

tabbedbrowsing=yes/no | searchbox=yes/no | commandbar=yes/no |
itbar7position=value (0 default, 1 place toolbars above the navigation bar in IE7)


Launch IE maximized
QLaunch maximized

Launch two IE windows side by side
QLaunch left=0,top=0,width=50%,height=100% left=50%,top=0,width=50%,height=100%

Open three tabs in IE7
QLaunch open="microsoft.com|xbox.com|live.com"

Cross-browser testing (drag & drop your html file on the shortcut)
QLaunch left=0,top=0 start="C:\Program Files\Mozilla\firefox.exe",left=10%,top=10% start="C:\Program Files\Opera\Opera.exe",top=20%,left=20%

Simulate "IE 7 Beta on Windows Vista"
QLaunch ua-version="MSIE 7.0b",ua-platform="Windows NT 6.0" open

Clear your tracks and launch IE
QLaunch deletehistory,deletecache,deletecookies open

Version History

  • Open multiple tabs in IE7
  • New options to tweak the user interface of IE7 (tabbedbrowsing, searchbox, commandbar)
Allows you to modify the user agent identification of IE
Option explorerbar added to manage the explorer bars
  • Compatible with IE7 Beta 2 Preview
  • deleteforms global option added (deletes the auto-complete data on Web forms)
  • Unofficial option itbar7position to place the menu/toolbars above the navigation bar in IE7 added (thanks to the IE team member Tony Schreiner for revealing this hidden option)