Quero Toolbar IE add-on

Here is my xmas present for you: a new version of Quero with IE8 support and neat new features:

  • IE8 support added
  • You can now disable the ad blocker temporarily for the current domain (shortcut Ctrl+Ins or click on the recycle bin icon in the Quero box).
  • New option added: "Show Search Terms While Searching"
  • New OpenSearch template parameters added, which can be used to build queries depending on the current URL: Quero:url, Quero:hostname and Quero:domainname.
  • New keyboard shortcut added: Ctrl+L toggles between search and navigation mode
  • New Registry setting "Keys" of type DWORD added for disabling global keyboard shortcuts used by Quero. In order to turn Ctrl+Ins off, set the value to hexadecimal "FFFDFF".
  • Win9x: included newer version of UnicoWS.dll (1.1.3790)
  • Fixed: crash on certain Web pages if the ad blocker was turned on

You can now post your comments in the new Quero Forum.

Happy holidays and a happy new year 2009!

Update 2008-12-23: fixed an issue with the XP installer, please redownload if you are using XP or 2003