Quero Toolbar IE add-on

I am happy to announce the first public beta of Quero Toolbar 4 today. This major release addresses a top feature request – the customization of the search profiles. While other features such as the ad blocker and IE7 support kept me very busy in the past, I finally managed to work on the new search profile editor and redesign and implement the data structures and algorithms it relies on. Those parts of the code have not been substantially changed since version 1 and have now been completely rewritten.

What sets Quero apart from other search toolbars (and browsers) is the possibility to support multi-parametric and HTTP POST queries (I will discuss this feature in a future blog post). Additionally, I kept the concept of organizing your favorite search engines in separate profiles.

Here is a screenshot of the new search profile editor:

Quero Search Profile Editor

I have integrated the editor in the Quero options dialog. From there you can add, reorder and edit your search engines. Quero stores your search profiles in the Windows Registry.

This beta version is intended for users who like to play with new software. If you have problems with the current version I recommend trying this release as well. Please report any bug you find by going to the About screen and sending me an email from there. Thank you for your support and happy testing!