Quero Toolbar IE add-on

The combination of the search and address bar has turned out to be a very useful and intuitive concept for Web browsing. However, one drawback, which I was already pointed to at the very beginning of the project, was how to navigate quickly to local addresses, i.e. to hosts in your local zone without a "full" domain name.

In order to help Quero recognize localhost, for example, as an address and not a search term you have to put http:// in front of it. Other solutions are to add the local URL to your Favorites or Links bar or to select it from your auto-complete list from the second time onwards.

I am currently testing a more elegant syntax, which will be included in version 4 of the Quero Toolbar. It will be sufficient to append a colon only (localhost:) and optionally one of the two most used port numbers (80, 8080) to any host name in order to start a navigation. While it is possible to specify any port number for localhost, entering movie:300 will still search for reviews for the movie "300" first. In the rare case, where you want to access the Web server movie on port 300, you will still need to add the http scheme.