Quero Toolbar IE add-on
  • Windows Vista support
  • Banner ad blocker improved
  • Drag&Drop improved (you can now drag links from the search box to the Links bar or the Favorites folder)
  • Navigation to IPv4 addresses made easier (http prefix is not needed any more)
  • Support for IPv6 URIs
  • More consistent use of tooltips
  • Quero shortcut key (Ctrl+Q) now toggles the focus between the search box and the Web page
  • New keyboard shortcut added: Ctrl+Ins (toggles the ad blocker on or off)
  • Fixed: sporadic crash on some systems when highlighting search terms was turned on; adding a site to the allowed sites did not immediately take effect and required restarting the browser; find next occurrence on page occasionally did not immediately advance to the next occurrence; "Go to URL" function sometimes performed a search instead of going to the URL; various resource leaks closed