Quero Toolbar IE add-on
  • Quero Themes (customize your toolbar icons, instructions on how to build your own theme will be available soon)
  • User Agent Editor (allows you to modify the browser identification string)
  • Installer changes: Quero no longer installs itself into the Windows system directory (when upgrading the installer automatically deletes the Quero.dll file from your system32 directory), default search profile selection added
  • IE7: the Quero shortcut key can be changed to Alt+Q if you prefer CTRL+Q for Quick View
  • IDN: improved missing glyph detection (considers "font linking" now)
  • Fixed: another issue preventing input of the slash character on some Web sites
  • Fixed in IE7: display of favicons in the taskbar, set focus in search box, Quero keyboard shortcuts available from the standard navigation bar